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In 2017 we have started putting together some possible pieces as to motive within the AACPD to not come clean about this. We do know that something happened in 2012 within the Anne Arundel County Police Department. It was so serious that it has made them lock down for 5 years over the truth of what happened during the Katherine Morris death investigation. Whatever it was it was dark and serious and by today's accounts - "Could it now amount to obstruction of justice? "

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In the midst of this corruption/scandal comes a congressional inquiry directed to Chief James Teare with his name on it. It's on behalf of parents alleging mistakes in the handling of a death investigation of a young African American girl named Katherine Morris. It's from Congressman Steny Hoyer's Office.

That letter was never formally responded to but...

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Maryland Public Information Act response states someone gave a direct order DURING THE SAME TIME PERIOD to the officer charged with re-investigating the death of Katherine Morris and it appears that he was ORDERED to NOT ASK TO MANY QUESTIONS.

Could this order have been to make this go away?

What is meant by the following statement???

How do you know there's a problem with the DNA before you test it?

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