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The Homicide Panel

(pdf file)

Once you read the above report:

And in reference to that homicide panel we now know that they asked the AACPD 3 questions and the police department gave them FALSE AND/OR MISLEADING INFORMATION which is why they came back with the same response...

Three things Homicide Panel (Cold Case Review Committee) asked for according to an internal memo:
  1. “Obtain particulars on the surveillance video activity capturing Ms. Morris’…and answer ..regarding “missing” footage.

  2. “Attempt to establish if Katherine Morris purchased the disposable grills utilized...”

  3. Forensically examine the grill packaging, pill bottle, and lighter for foreign fingerprints.

MPIA Info shows what they got were..

AACPD subpoenaed wrong credit card account – and twisted reporting the facts about that acct.

Told surveillance camera’s were “motion sensitive” as the reason there was missing footage even though dozens of cars remained in lot. Click to see Camera Footage.

Told them “no viable prints” when internal docs say “no prints” or “nothing” found BUT WHAT IS NOT REPORTED IS THAT THERE WAS DNA FROM MORE THAN ONE PERSON.

It addition, it confirms the following:

  1. It appears that fingerprints may not have been taken at the time Kathy's body was discovered.

  2. The credit card they ran was the wrong card and they never asked the family for her credit card.

Note in the above memo what is reported to the homicide panel by police is "no activity on card" but...

3. Receipts for the purchase of grills used to end the life of Katherine Morris have never been found in her vehicle, bank records, or belongings. Allegedly they were purchased at a local Walmart IN THE DAYS BEFORE HER DEATH. But look - here'e the receipt and guess what...

In early 2013 the mother through prose' court proceedings obtained a subpoena to serve on Walmart for video surveillance tapes and records of purchases for the type of grill used. She needed and requested information about the grill packaging (that was in the possession of the AACPD), to include the bar coding. This request was made directly to a Lieutenant T.J. Smith and was never provided to the family. It was recently found in documents obtained in a 2016 Freedom of Information request, far after such records have been destroyed by the merchant and or the expiration of a valid subpoena.

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