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See video taped sworn testimony of key persons. Most contradicting police accounts

  • Below is the recorded sworn testimony of the security officer that was the first to arrive on the scene. He admits to a delay in dialing 911 and admits to having disturbed the crime scene by handling various things at the scene. Before police arrived he opened and searched the trunk of the car, removed the keys from the ignition, took pictures of the crime scene. Much of his sworn eyewitness account contradicts those of the AACPD in many areas. This is his full length testimony/account.
  • This is video taped testimony of a witness that contacted the AACPD the morning of May 6, 2012 to inform them of what she had seen in the parking lot the night our Katherine's body was discovered just a few feet away. She states under oath that there was a woman in a vehicle on site for several hours. Initially we all assumed she was referring to Katherine. However, the surprising revelation about her testimony is that she was not. She brings to light the fact that there was another vehicle with another woman sitting in the lot near where the decedents car was for hours. On a time line, the vehicle moved just moments before the body of Katherine was found.
  • See the third recorded deposition. Its is of Officer Gary Lyle a retired 26 year veteran of the AACPD with a background in special investigations. Officer Lyle is currently the Public Safety Officer at Anne Arundel Community College and who allegedly failed to preserve and or make a master copy of any May 6, 2012 footage. He claims to have given the Anne Arundel County Police what they asked for. At this point one has to really ask oneself do black lives matter. Did Kathy's life matter? The below is the full length version.
    Also click here for 20 minute version

The following are those that either ignored the court ordered subpoena's or did not appear for deposition!!!

Michael Maresca Dir. of Valor Security at the Arundel Mills Mall. He told parents of the victim that he would not make any statements to them that contradicted what they have been told by the AACPD. Mr. Maresca requested that the family never contact him again. Click here for Maresca Subpoena

Nathan Lasher of Valor Security at the Arundel Mills Mall refused to comply with the subpoena and appear for testimony.

The Medical Examiner's Office for the State of Maryland did not respond to a subpoena for documents.

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