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Unanswered Questions- it's been 8 years....and still no real response

Overall questions that remain as of 2020.

Only partial information is reported and the question is why????

Full facts needed to be considered, yet...

Was Kathy's death a COPY CAT KILLING OR NOT ???? This story appeared on the internet on April 12, 2012

ee this story and how the facts of this case mirror the death of Katherine Morris almost line by line. IS THAT JUST COINCIDENCE? Click below to see story

"Dubbed the 'Black Widow Case,' Kijima allegedly killed the men for financial gain. And rather than returning monies owed said prosecutors in the case, the defendant fed them sleeping pills and burned briquettes until they died of carbon monoxide poisoning"

A Possible Reason for Alleged Suicide Postings

Katherine Morris noted on April 22, 2012 that something strange was going on with her phone that she had never seen before..

Research and interviews with cyber experts both military and civilian reveal that PHONES CAN BE CLONED.

"Click below to see article about phone cloning which is the transfer of identity from one.

cellular device to another."

What is cloning???

"What clone phone refers to? Cell phone cloning is a technique wherein secured data from one cell phone is transferred into another phone. The other cell phone becomes the exact replica of the original cell phone like a clone. As a result, while calls can be made from and received by both phones, only the legitimate subscriber is billed as the service provider network does not have a way to differentiate between the legitimate phone and the “cloned” phone. The cloner can set the options to ring his phone when you make a call and you will have no idea that the cloner is listening from his own mobile. He can read text message, phone book entries, look at pictures etc. Also he can dial phone numbers from their phone and a whole lot more. Though communication channels are equipped with security algorithms, yet cloners get away with the help of loop holes in systems. So when one gets huge bills, the chances are that the phone is being cloned. Millions of cell phones users, be it GSM or CDMA, run at risk of having their phones cloned."

Click below to read full article

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