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Katherine Sarah Morris

Born March 11, 1990.  Transitioned to angel status May 6,2012


Loved forever and a day.  Building a legacy in her memory, to improve the lives of others.

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WHEN WOMEN PUSH CHANGE HAPPENS. For over 70 years a nation pursued justice for Emmit Till, long after his mother died. Was her pursuit on behalf of her child a personal issue? Yes and no, she used it to impact the lives of others and the way we do things as a nation. For 25 years Lois Duncan pursued justice for her daughter and after her death someone confessed. So her labor was not in vain. What about Mary Couey in the death of her son Keith W Warren found hanging from a tree 37 years ago in Montgomery County, and police ruled it a suicide. Was that just a personal issue? Mary died in 2009 and her daughter Sherri Warren picked up the battle and as of Feb of 2024 - the death is being reclassified... 37 years later. What an amazing story of perseverance and determination captured in the Discovery channel "Uprooted"

Now comes the Katherine Morris Death Reclassification Act, and the fact that as a non attorney mom, by Gods grace, I personally have caused 3 laws to be added in 3 consecutive years, to the state of Maryland to positively impact the lives of others. Not to mention, personally arguing a case against the Attorney Generals office and winning, and they lost on appeal!

     Hats off to the amazing advocacy of Delegate J. Sandy Bartlett and all those amazing others that helped clear the way!!! Hope to see you all on May 10, 2024 at 11 a.m. as other amazing women share their stories of overcoming the odds. Its the 8th Annual For Kathy's Sake Luncheon. Flyer attached with QR code. So mark your calendars and join us for this is the year of New Beginnings!

Empower Growth

Our Story

As a legacy to my daughter, I founded For Kathy’s Sake, Inc. to provide advocacy services to persons in crisis. For the past 8 years she has hosted the For Kathy’s Sake Annual Advocacy Brunch bringing together parties from around the country to have the conversation about the need for greater police accountability and transparency, along with stronger military spouse protections.

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