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The Family is told the victims DNA was on the lighter and the grill packaging found in her car which is in part false and misleading. Private Investigator J. Weidner says "Yet the Biology Forensic report reflects 1) two different DNA findings on the lighter. 2) The additional DNA finding as stated are apparently false. 3) The apparent delay in DNA testing 4) the fact that DNA still remains untested and 5) No report of spoilt evidence." are implications of a less than stellar investigation by police.

A letter issued to the Morris family by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of the State of Maryland, David R. Fowler, states

The Forensics Biology report shows that this statement made by the OCME office to the family is completely false. Katherine Morris' DNA is not found on the grills outer packaging. That of course would falsely imply that she opened the packages herself. The report actually states " conclusion can be made regarding this item."

A spokes person for the department says they only reported what the police told them.

To see the actual Katherine Morris Forensic Biology Report and Full DNA Run Click on the link below

Click here for Full DNA Report with Run Information

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