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In Memory of Katherine S. Morris 3/11/90 to 5/6/2012



I'm a Mom that's not giving up!


For Kathy's Sake, Inc was started by Kathy's family and friends to provide services to women and children in crisis by advocating for better services and/or access to existing services. This includes (but is not limited to) victims of human trafficking, and both the mentally and physically abused. Overall, we advocate for better community awareness.

Our main focus at this time is advocating for military spouses in the many areas that can adversely effect them.

“Abuse is not just physical, the mental affects can be devastating”


Please feel free to send a much needed financial donation to For Kathy’s Sake safely through Paypal by clicking here Please consider where possible giving monthly or even quarterly.

I'm extremely grateful for the many that have come along my side because they believe..They range from law enforcement, investigators, lawyers, journalist, numerous volunteers, family and many sources that have spoken off the record, and believe in the truth of what is presented on this site. I say thank you for your countless hours, your own personal dollars, time and resources that you've invested.

You all are truly my friends and I love you dearly. Marguerite

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