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The family of Katherine Morris has alleged that the Anne Arundel County Police Department mishandled this entire investigation.

Mother Pays For Information - gets over 9,000 pages - primarily of fluff. Missing all pages from 2012...and now conveniently after 3 years, and now that the pressure is on for answers the AACPD claim those pages no longer exist.

Wouldn't these emails confirm to the public that they have done right by this family and others like her?


In 2015 the Morris family filed the following Freedom of Information (FOI) request, Click here to see inquiry

Below are links to the responses

(Click to see first FOI response letter)

(Click to see AACPD second response)

In their request they were denied many things. For the available items the Anne Arundel County Police have decided to charge the mother of the deceased from $5,300 to $7,000 for the 2,353 internal emails they say mention the deceased Katherine Morris and/or herself since 2012.

They also cite that the county employee that will review the files receives $45.67 per hour to do so.

NAACP President, Stephen Tillett, inquired and was initially told by the current Chief of Police that the request was reasonable and he saw no reason why the information could not start to be released. The Chief of Police, later retracted this offer after talking with county attorneys.

click to see the mothers response to the request for payment

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