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In summary a lot can be said but in 2019 untruths amidst a multitude of still unanswered questions still remain.

In 2018 Mr. Carl Snowden the Convener for the Caucus of African American Leaders sent an inquiry for clarification on being told the FBI had investigated the case, yet FOI records reflected no record of any investigation.

In 2018 police both retracted and clarified the myth they had allowed to be released.

In that same 2018 response they also retracted the lie (sorry but that is what it was), that missing video surveillance footage from 4 cameras was missing because the camera's were motion sensitive so no movement, met no video footage.

After 6 1/2 years they now state it is missing because it was accidentally allowed to be erased.. Of course the person (a retired AACPD officer with a background in special investigations) they claim erased it, infers other wise.

Then Police Chief Altomare went on in a 4 page spiel about all the things and investigations they have done over the past 7 years. His statements are false and click below to see why. (Caution - some of the photos, for family and friends of Kathy's may be disturbing..) I am going to let the documents speak for themselves.

Click below to see and read for yourself

After receipt of this Police Chief Altomare was then asked by Rev. Steven Tillett the then President of the Anne Arundel NAACP to respond. The Police Chief then stated that on advice of their attorney's because I had filed suit against the Chief of Police and the police department, they could not respond. The claim of my having filed suit at that time was false.

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