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That Night
This vehicle was caught on video pulling away from Kathy's car the last time there was activity near her car on the night of May 5, 2012.  This occurred around 9:47 pm on May 5, 2012.  Her body is discovered between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. on May 6th.  Police report says "no video" available for May 6.  FAMILY WAS INITIALLY TOLD THAT THEAVAILABLE FOOTAGE WOULD NOT PLAY BECAUSE IT WAS INCOMPATIBLE WITH POLICE SYSTEMS.  THEN THE STORY CHANGED TO - THERE WAS NO FURTHER VIDEO AVAILABLE BECAUSE THECAMERA WAS MOTION SENSITIVE. YET FROM THIS PHOTO THERE ARE OTHER VEHICLES PRESENT AND POSSIBLY HUNDREDS IN THE LOT FOR HOURS AFTERWARDS. It has recently been confirmed during an NAACP press conference that there was a camera approximately 60 feet from the victims car and NO ONE HAS EVER OFFERED ANY FOOTAGE FROM THAT CAMERA.  Click to see NAACP press conference with the Morris family.

Katherine Sarah Morris died from carbon monoxide poisoning from charcoal grills lit in her car.

Interior car pictures of burned floor from allegedly two charcoal grills lit in car.

The victims body was approximately four inches longer the distance across seats from door to door.  She was found laying across bucket seats not reclined back in a seat.  Her purse was under her...and photos show her car keys on the seat beside her.

Now this may be a Mommy thing...  
Police report the victim as having been in the car for over 11 hours.  The medical examiner reports the victim's bladder was empty.  The medical examiner also stated that the victim did not urinate on herself, or on her clothing.  
Mommy asked the Medical Examiner the question, "With an empty bladder, where did she urinate at?"

No fingerprints (including the victims) were found on key items inside the car.

That night Police did not fingerprint the exterior of the car citing it was raining.

Police report states that police googled the method of death at the scene that night  and THAT IS HOW THEY CAME TO THE SUICIDE CONCLUSION

During that time any sort of investigation may have come back with a motive especially since the victim had a $100,000 insurance policy in her life with withno suicide clausewas a victim of a fraud and allegedly had threatened to go to authorities with that information 48 hours before she died. 

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