For Kathy's Sake, Inc. - Advocating for Katherine Morris Military Spouse Protection Act
Unanswered Questions- it's been 4 years....and still no real response  (Click to see Letter to ABC's 20/20) 
Overall questions that were presented on Friday Nov 15, 2013 
Where is the missing video tape and who saw it?
1.    Contradictions in the statements given by officers, the lack of their own follow-through on questions they themselves had
2.    Confusion and contradictions over the surveillance footage – where is the original.  Why no working copy? Was the tape tampered with after being received in police possession?
3.    Missing surveillance footage from surrounding area cameras. Where is that footage? 
4.    The interior appearance of Katherine’s vehicle could have been staged.  Was there DNA collected and if so was the DNA collected ever processed?
5.    What is meant by fingerprints of the interior car came back negative? 
6.    Why was the exterior of the car not processed for fingerprints?
7.    Were all addendum pages of the police report included in the police report that went to the States Prosecutors office?
8.    Why was there a rush to judgment, (suicide vs. homicide), by the law enforcement agencies? 

9.    Her electronics were returned to the family within 48 hours and then homicide detectives asked the family to bring the items back to them. 
10.   Were key persons that may have been involved ever alibied?
11.    Why were no questions asked of any family members? 

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