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The Homicide Panel..

Once you read the above report:

1. It appears that fingerprints may not have been taken at the time Kathy's body was discovered.  

2. The credit card they ran was the wrong card and they never asked the family for her credit card.

In addition, receipts for the purchase of grills used to end the life of Katherine Morris have never been found in her vehicle, bank records, or belongings.  Allegedly they were purchased at a local Walmart.  In early 2013 the mother through prose' court proceedings obtained a subpoena to serve on Walmart for video surveillance tapes and records of purchases for the type of grill used. She needed and requested information about the grill packaging (that was in the possession of the AACPD), to include the bar coding.  This request was made directly to a Lieutenant T.J. Smith and was never provided to the family. It was recently found in documents obtained in a 2016 Freedom of Information request, far after such records have been destroyed by the merchant and or the expiration of a valid subpoena.

And in reference to that homicide panel….

What they claim they found should clearly be an embarrassment to the force and I believe they owe the family an apology for continuing to feed that line to the public of what a great job this panel of experts did.

If you looked into this point alone you will most likely comeback with one of the reasons this case desperately needs to be examined outside of Anne Arundel County. 

20 homicide experts that did not look at phone records or extracted data from the deceased phone. 

20 homicide experts that did not question why there was a lack of fingerprints.  

20 homicide experts that could not have reviewed even available footage to see that the parking lot was full of cars so therefore if the surveillance cameras was motion sensitive there had to be additional footage. 

20 homicide experts that did not question where footage was of a camera that was less than 50 feet away from the deceased car as was pointed out at a press conference. 

20 homicide experts that could not even pull a correct credit card report. 

20 homicide experts that did not find it alarming that there was a lack of interior burn marks in the car. 

20 homicide  experts that could not determine from the autopsy that the victim was several inches longer than the space she was found laying across. 

20 homicide experts that did not catch the fact that the victims bladder was empty and she had not urinated on herself or in the car. 

20 homicide experts that could not review text messages to see that the victim had discussed an invitation she had received that day to attend the movies at the mall. 

20 homicide experts that did not even examine the GPS settings of the deceased phone that showed possible movement of the phone that contradicts statements made by retired officer Gary Lyle.

20 homicide experts that did not even alibi persons of interest nor view their phone records. 

20 homicide experts that did not question a car caught on the surveillance camera footage seen pulling away from the deceased car, at the last time there was motion at the car.  That car matching a description of a car driven by one of the alleged persons of interest.   

The list goes on and on - especially since they have now so vividly and publicly gone on record (and adamantly) about what the panel did and the experts that were on it. 

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