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Kathy's story

Katherine was a fourth year student at University of Maryland.  She came out of Ryken High School in her last semester earning better than a 4.0 with an overall GPA of 3.88.   Katherine was a beautiful girl with loving ways that blessed so many.  At the age of 18 she was a par-excellent cook often giving gifts of bow wrapped cookies and cakes to friends.  On her trips home from college her Mom always made sure there were plenty of chocolate chip cookie dough and Pepsi.  In addition, Katherine majored in Family Services and she spent her summers working at the homeless shelter and her internship volunteering at a local daycare. She also, even though quiet had a determined and strong spirit about her.  She loved and respected others and was far more special than words could describe.  

     Kathy began to establish a strong Christian foundation leading mini worship services at the preschool cubby holes and her faith was further demonstrated by her attempting to baptize her stuffed animals at the young age of three. She served faithfully in ministry beside her parents serving in many capacities in the church. She was remarkable both in the church and in the community serving as a youth leader in Positive Reinforcement of Our Future for several years.

     Kathy, even though quite often quiet and reserved was a remarkable young lady with a heart to give to many. She gave 110% and accepted the Lord at an early age. Her parents recall how on one evening how she stated to them quietly from the back seat of the car that she heard “God is pretend.”   When asked where she heard that at and Kathy said a boy in school told her, she was quickly swept into private Christian school.  

     Kathy was funny, had lots of friends but only a few very close friends with whom she shared her deeply personal life with.  Her friend Shaudea says of her "your laugh, your smile, your gentle essence are a few aspects that cannot be forgotten.  You were the definition of a loyal friend, and how it hurts to see you leave this world so soon only leaving me with memories of you.  Our wonderful summer vacations and all the birthday celebrations, I will miss the sweet little things you would do.  I remember when you baked me a cake for my birthday because you did not have money to buy me a gift, but you taking the time to make me something so special was better than any gift that money could ever buy.  You were so creative.  You touched the lives of so many people whether you realized it or not. Heaven has been blessed with an angle. I love you with all my heart."
     At the age of 21 Kathy met "Army Specialist Isaac Goodwin" (then stationed at Fort Belvoir) at a club in early 2011 and entered into a relationship that was built by way of social media, texts, tweets and phone calls. Isaac met Kathy's parents on the weekend of August 3, 2011 and it is on that same weekend that he was somehow able to convince Kathy to marry him and keep the marrige a secret. It is believed that he was able to convince her that it would thwart her efforts to enter into the Officers Training School if they were not already married.  Text messages show that almost immediately Isaac started to ignore the new bride, rarely visiting her at her college campus.  Text also show it left the young woman wondering, for Isaac had changed immediately following the marriage ceremony.  She then made several trips to his new base at Fort Bragg trying to figure out what happened. Text show that Kathy questioned the change and felt she had been ordered by Goodwin, to marry him.  A clear pattern of text messages and emails show that Goodwin was emotionally abusive. Kathy suspected he had other interests, and mutual trust was never a foundation in their relationship. By late July she suggested they go their separate ways and at several points mentioned divorce even changing her number to distance herself from him. 

      Freedom of information documents reveal that Goodwin,  had just been charged with an Article 15 for misappropriation of government funds and in the same exact month the financial fines of $545 per month hit his pay he declared his love for the innocent and trusting college student.  (click for copy of FOI papers showing pay cuts)   

The following text was abstracted from our records 
"He responded, on July 30, 2011:
Goodwin: Guess what?
Katherine: What?
Goodwin: I love you Kathy
Katherine: I love you too Isaac. That made me smile.
Goodwin: I can’t wait to see u
Katherine: Same here baby."

Prior to her death less than nine months later Facebook transmissions captured by the deceased reveal that Goodwin had the marriage conversation with a Virginia woman during this same time.  During this time he also maintained an ongoing relationship with another soldier.  (click for other "marriage thing" conversation)

     Kathy's story is very complicated but the main point is that she was a loving and trusting young woman who fell for a soldier who only saw her for financial gain.  In our opinion the military made this form of victimization to easy.  Documents show that the soldier started collecting benefits immediately while the young college student continued financially struggling in her on campus apartment.  He obtained no ID card for her, never signed her up for any military benefits and even claimed an address that he could not produce a lease with her name on it.   Documents show that he pretty much ignored her following the court house ceremony leaving his spouse trying to figure out what happened. 

     Records show that the deceased personally discovered evidence of the BAH fraud and adultery.  She collected and saved this evidence along with screen shots from Sgt. Goodwin's Facebook page calling the file "What I found today" and seemingly buried multiple copies of the information, in multiple files on her computer.  Electronic communications further show that two days prior to her death the deceased allegedly emailed Sgt. Isaac Goodwin, Sgt. Latoya King, who was using the alias Kristina, and DOD employee Damaris Brown copies of the proof of the adultery and BAH fraud she felt they had perpetrated on her and she threatened to report it to the Inspector General's office the week of May 7, 2012.   To date, no electronic evidence has been found of any response or rebuttal from Sgt. Isaac Goodwin, Sgt. Latoya King or Damaris Brown to the deceased allegations.  To date and to our knowledge none of our allegations have ever been investigated.

    Goodwin did not attend his wife's funeral, did not inform the family of the $100,000 in life insurance he had on his spouse and the parents had to solicit the community for the funds to bury their only child.  Interestingly, Goodwin's last and final communication to her via text was that he loved her and wanted to work things out but then for days nothing, just complete silence from him. 

     All three were mirandized, the military confiscated their government issued communications devices (not their personal).  Sgt.Latoya King was ordered to have no contact with Sgt. Goodwin.   Records now show that Sgt. Latoya King defied that direct order from her Commander over 60 times in the 30 days following the deceased death. Click to see evidence that Sgt King defied a direct order 

To date, and to our knowledge not one of these persons received any real penalty or disciplinary action for the part they played in this tragedy. The Army blames the civilian police and the civilian police blame the Army... 

     Goodwin, in 2014 received a $100,000 payout in insurance on the life of his spouse because the military, despite, overwhelming evidence to the contrary refused to hold any one accountable for their actions.   

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