For Kathy's Sake, Inc. - Advocating for Katherine Morris Military Spouse Protection Act
Experts willing to go on the record for Kathy's Sake! 

James (Jim) Davis of Sandhills Security and Investigations with over 40 years experience. A former police officer with the Washington DC Metropolitan Police Dept., U. S. Justice Dept. and a retired Sheriff for Hoke County, North Carolina says " It is apparent to me as a law enforcement professional that there has been a cover-up in this child's death by law enforcement officials. In addition, they are now withholding evidence of this cover-up and causing the mother financial harm."

Leslie Kim of Fight Fraud America writes, "What has kept us aggressively working the Kathy Morris case for the past four years is the sheer number of glaring inconsistencies noted in what WAS recorded by authorities and the much longer list of investigative tasks that was wholly ignored. In searching for the truth about Kathy's death, the Morris family was entitled to assistance; instead they received resistance at every turn. Why?"

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