For Kathy's Sake, Inc. - Advocating for Katherine Morris Military Spouse Protection Act

All photo's in black and white striped dress courtesy of 
Sam Cojolo who took them less than 3 weeks prior to Kathy's death

     For Kathy's Sake, Inc was started by Kathy's family and friends to provide services to women and children in crisis by advocating for better services and/or access to those services.  This includes (but is not limited to) victims of human trafficking, and both the mentally and physically abused.  Overall, we advocate for better community awareness. 

     Our main focus at this time is  advocating for military spouses in the many areas that can adversely effect them.

     So in memory of Katherine Sarah Morris who died under what we believe are questionable circumstances and who we know was clearly a victim of a Basic Allowance for Housing money scam (known as BAH Fraud), and to help others we are seeking congressional support to introduce and or sponsor 
The Katherine Morris Military Spouse Protection Act

 Abuse is not just physical, the mental affects
can be devastating”

PLEASE NOTE: As you continue reading on this site it is important for all those visiting this site to first understand that our efforts are not designed to dishonor our Nations military.  We ourselves and many involved are veterans, retirees and active duty personnel.  We love our soldiers and this Nation would not be what it is without them.  However, being realistic and honest, with any system, there are those that will, and do take advantage of well meaning systems. With that being said, our Kathy is dead and we want to honor her memory by offering greater assistance to others in crisis.
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